Goose family

A longing in your heart becomes something more.

You step out your front door and close your eyes, breathing in the cool autumn air. A familiar honking sound catches your attention, and looking up, you see a beautiful V formation of geese in the distance and heading in your direction.

As they approach, the cries of the geese strike a chord of longing in your heart: a desire to belong, to be part of something greater than yourself, to go on a great adventure!

Looking closer, you see that the V has a gap in one of its arms, a spot waiting for a goose to fill it.

An invitation for you to join them.

Something instinctual in you wells up from your chest, a feeling your brain can't rationalize away. Stretching your neck upwards, you lift your arms, activating muscles that have long been dormant, waiting for their chance to change the course of your life forever.

You push off from the ground and beat your new wings simultaneously, awkwardly at first, but with increasing confidence as your silouette becomes more aerodynamic, more suited for the long journey you're about to embark on.

As the flock catches up with you in the air, you hear their greeting calls, and you reply enthusiastically as you fit right into the gap, completing the formation and the family where you've always belonged.