Sythetization Pills

Pills to become synthetic finally start showing their effects.

It’s been three weeks since you started taking the synthetization pills. Three weeks of frustration and disappointment. So far, the trial that you signed up for has produced some successful conversions, but also a significant number of patients who experienced no change at all after more than a month on the medication.

As you settle into bed, you pray you don’t end up as one of them.

The morning light falls on your face, pulling you from a particularly nice synth dream. As awareness of your bio-chassis (ugh) returns to you, you curse quietly at the thought of yet another day in this meat sack. You rub the grit from your eyes, your finger joints whirring as they—

Adrenaline snaps you wide awake. Almost trembling, you hold your hand to your ear and experimentally flex each digit. Sure enough, a soft but consistent whirring and buzzing comes from servos that you realize are located throughout your hand and lower arm!

You pinch your nose, terrified to learn whether you’re actually still asleep or not. The airway remains firmly blocked: this is reality.

Your heart starts racing as you realize what this means:

You’re gonna get the body you’ve always wanted.